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Is it time to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom tile? A beautiful, durable, low-maintenance tile on the market today is slate. Available in many different colors and styles, there’s a slate tile out there to fit your needs. Whether you go for naturally multicolored, clefted tiles for a rustic feel, or sleek deep grey tiles for a modern look, slate is a tile option that will last for years and keep your home looking great. If you aren’t sure which type or color of slate to choose for your Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James home, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Shallotte for help.

What is Slate Tile?

Slate is a natural stone material made of compacted silt and clay created from high temperature and pressure. There are many different colors and styles available, including multicolored and solid variants. Since it’s a natural material, there can be unique variants between pieces. The natural texture tends to hide any dirt, but that’s not the only reason to choose slate for your home!

Why Choose Slate Tile?

slate tile colors

Slate is an overall elegant, adaptable, low-maintenance tile that works in a wide variety of home styles. It may require being sealed on a regular basis depending on where it’s installed, but this tile can last for decades before needing to be replaced! Here are a few more reasons to choose slate flooring for your home:

  • Superior water resistance – These tiles work great in areas of high-moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even showers!
  • Low-maintenance – It doesn’t take a lot of extra work to keep these tiles looking good— they generally just need to be swept to be kept clean. As long they’re sealed well, these tiles are resistant to stains and can be easily mopped.  
  • Durable – This naturally hard material is resistant to chips and cracks, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas or homes with pets.

Add Slate to Your Southport Home

Slate tiles can add elegance to any room! They can give your kitchen a high-end, modern feel and turn your bathroom into a spa. If you still have questions about whether or not slate is the right choice for your home, call our experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte for a free in-home consultation! We’re committed to bringing quality flooring to the Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area.

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