Natural stone flooring could be the perfect way to add lasting elegance and beauty to your Southport home! With a versatile array of materials, colors, and styles, natural stone complements any home decor. Floor Coverings International Shallotte is proud to supply marble, granite, travertine, slate, and sandstone to Southport homeowners.


Think beyond countertops for granite! Granite is one of the most durable natural stone options available.  This long-lasting material has a distinct dotted pattern and comes in a variety of shades, including white, black, gray, red, and brown. Granite is water-resistant and ideal for outdoor areas and bathrooms. Granite also works extremely well in high-traffic areas, where it will hold up against daily wear-and-tear. 

marble tile


Marble tile flooring could bring distinct beauty and elegance to your home. The vein of marble can contrast or complement the color of the stone, creating intriguing and dynamic patterns. Marble is available in shades of white, black, and even green. For added luxury, marble works extremely well with radiant subfloor heating. 


travertine tile


Travertine tile comes in a variety of natural shades, and could be the perfect way to add warmth and natural beauty to your home. This stunning flooring has been used as a building material since ancient times. Matte travertine has natural, understated appeal, while polished travertine is classy and elegant.


slate tile


Slate is stunning, rustic, and understated. The neutral gray shade o slate stone tiling is classically beautiful and earthy. Slate is also extremely durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. This stone is less porous than many natural stone options, giving it increased water resistance.


sandstone tile


Similar to travertine, the natural shades of sandstone provide a warm color palette for your home. Though not as hard as marble or granite, sandstone is still a durable, long-lasting flooring option.

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