Kitchen ceramic tile floorThe kitchen is the most-used room in many homes. The floors in particular must be able to handle heavy wear and tear—children, pets, and lots of foot traffic, as well as spills and messes while cooking. And in a coastal environment like Ocean Isle Beach, your floors should also be able to stand up to salt water and sand being tracked in from the outdoors.

This is why tile is an excellent choice for many homeowners. If you’re planning to redo your kitchen floors, we here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte are happy to help with a wide variety of tile flooring options.

Types of Kitchen Floor Tile

When choosing tile, be sure to consider all your options. Kitchen floor tiles come in a variety of materials, with each having its own pros and cons.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic tiles are made from clay. These tiles are easy to install, but can be more susceptible to damage than other materials.
  • Porcelain – Porcelain tiles are made from a mixture of sand and minerals. They are harder to install than ceramic, but also more dense and water resistant.
  • Stone – Stone tiles include materials like granite or marble. While beautiful and durable, these porous tiles require sealing and are typically more expensive.

Considerations when Choosing Kitchen Floor Tile

  • Shape & Pattern – Tiles come in all sizes and shapes, and can be arranged in an endless number of patterns. Larger tiles are the most popular choice; they minimize grout lines while enlarging the look of your kitchen. For a clean, simple look, you may choose to arrange square tiles in a grid pattern. Want a more unique kitchen floor? Incorporate rectangular, hexagonal, or octagonal tiles, or arrange them in eye-catching patterns like a checkerboard or basketweave.
  • Texture – Textured tiles add visual interest while serving a practical purpose. They make a floor less slippery and help mask dirt. However, the uneven surface can be harder to clean than smooth tiles.
  • Durability – Durability is an important consideration for any kitchen floor. When choosing from different tile options, be sure to think about whether your kitchen will be a low, moderate, or high traffic area. Also look into the water absorption rate of different materials—while some tiles will repel water, others may absorb it like a sponge.
  • Maintenance – Depending on the durability of your tiles, they may require more maintenance over time. Spills and messes should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining the grout, and be careful not to clean your floors with abrasive materials like steel wool and scouring pads.

Ready to choose the right kitchen tile flooring for your Ocean Isle Beach home? Call Floor Coverings International Shallotte today. No need to even leave the house – we’ll bring our product samples straight to you!

Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva