Laminate flooring in SouthportFew flooring materials offer the classic warmth and coziness of hardwood, but real woods can be budget-stretchers that may or may not be viable options for your next renovation. Luckily, there’s laminate flooring. Laminate floors offer the same upscale appearance as real hardwood without the higher price tags. Laminate is also deceptively easy to install and to maintain. If you’re searching for an alternative to wood for your Southport home, consider the many advantages of laminate wood floors.

Laminate Goes Down Easy

Available in a variety of formats, laminate comes in wide planks, boards, thin strips and patterns such as herringbone and chevron. It’s constructed of a wood-based core that’s covered with a photographic layer that can imitate various types of wood, tile, and even stone and brick. It looks authentically like a more-expensive product, yet can be installed as easily as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle. Laminate flooring installation is highly affordable and can be completed throughout the course of a weekend or even a single day.

Laminate Cleans Up Well

Sweep often and use rugs near entrances to keep excess dust and debris off your laminate flooring. And when cleaning is required, a simple once-over with plain water and a soft mop are typically all you’ll need. For extra dirty floors, add a laminate-approved floor cleaner to your mopping routine and apply with a damp mop. Clean up spills right away, and avoid using laminate in areas of your home that can be prone to dampness, such as bathrooms. While susceptible to moisture, laminate wood flooring doesn’t expand and contract like real wood; therefore, you can use it in spaces like basements that exist below grade.

Additionally, because it’s crafted using a photographic process, laminate flooring can mimic even rare and exotic woods that would otherwise be out of budget. If you’re partial to pricey Brazilian hardwoods such as tigerwood or mahogany, laminate is a great way to create the same look without breaking the bank.

Floor Coverings International Shallotte has the expertise and vast selection to ensure that you find the perfect floors for your home! When you’re ready to shop laminate flooring in Southport, come see what we have to offer.

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