southport flooring home officeMaintaining availability is essential in our increasingly digital business world. As a result, homeowners are increasingly turning to home offices to stay connected. Add a sleeper sofa or Murphy bed, and these rooms can serve as bedrooms for out-of-town guests hoping to enjoy Old Southport or the Fourth of July Festival.

The perfect home office blends the comforts of home with the efficiency of a traditional office. There are a number of flooring options available that will help you create the perfect space for finishing your work so you can enjoy Southport’s famous salubrious breeze. Here are a few of our favorites:


Home office carpeting can be soft and shaggy, short and smooth, and anything in between. A deciding factor is how the space will be used. If you enjoy using a swivel chair, thick carpeting may impede your ability to roll backwards and forwards. Soft, thick carpet gives the space a warm, homey feel, which may or may not fit most work styles. Carpet tiles—another option—are found in offices across the country. These are durable, and it’s easy to replace individual pieces when damage occurs.


A classic choice, hardwood works for your home office just as well as your living room. Hardwood will complement any décor and can be found in an increasing number of modern office environments. Be sure to invest in a throw rug or mat for your chair, as the repetitive movement of any furniture can take its toll on hardwood floors.


Vinyl has numerous traits making it ideal for an office environment. It is durable, affordable, and water resistant. Made from PVC plastic, this material can be printed to imitate any design imaginable, including stone and hardwood. If you yearn for the hardwood aesthetic but are looking for a material with greater resiliency to moisture—an excellent trait to have in our coastal North Carolina climate—look no further.

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At Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we work tirelessly to ensure Southport homeowners have their flooring needs met. With our mobile showroom, we can bring flooring samples to you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Call today for a free consultation.

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