If you’re looking for a well-loved hardwood species for your Southport home, look no further than oak flooring. Oak is incredibly popular and timeless for quite a few reasons, which our experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte are here to guide you through below!

Oak hardwood flooring Southport

Color and Tone

There are actually two species of oak hardwood: white and red. Generally, red oak is found in many homes and might be the more recognizable between the two. It’s defined by a warm hue with reddish and pinkish undertones. The graining is quite distinct and strong, which creates eye-catching texture. Many people associate this particular species with tradition and stunning timelessness.

For a more modern appearance, consider white oak! While not actually white, this oak is a bit darker with cooler toned browns. It’s the perfect neutral backdrop for a bright and airy space. You might see white oak in more modern spaces, because it has a bit smoother appearance with less prominent graining compared to red oak.

Durability and Hardness

When we talk about a hardwood’s durability, we often take a look at its Janka hardness rating. Essentially, a higher score means a harder wood, which is stronger and more durable. White oak has a score of 1360, while red oak has a score of 1290. Both species of oak come in at a mid-range, meaning they are moderately hard and strong. Many homeowners enjoy the dependability of oak and find it is quite easy to maintain for a hardwood.

Where Should I Install Oak?

There are so many rooms that look gorgeous with the addition of oak! White oak is a great choice for homes with busy families or pets. The lighter tone works wonders for hiding accidental scratches or pet hair and dirt. Red oak instantly warms up a room for a welcoming, cozy space. Many homeowners choose spaces like dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and a variety of other spaces for oak hardwood.

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