hickory hardwood floors southportThere are many domestic hardwoods to choose from, but hickory stands out as a popular choice amongst Southport homeowners for its unique qualities. Hickory’s distinct look and exceptional durability make it a great choice for busy homes and high traffic areas. Below are a few basics that the experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte have found to be helpful for homeowners considering hickory floors for their homes.

Distinct Appearance

One of hickory’s most notable qualities is its look. This hardwood comes in a variety of light brown and golden shades and is a great choice for brightening dark rooms. Hickory is known for its distinct, bold graining, which gives it a calico appearance. It also has the bonus of being one of the easiest woods to apply stain to.

Notable Durability

Hickory stands out amongst domestic hardwoods as having a relatively high Janka hardness rating. This rating determines the density and thus the durability of the wood. With a score of 1,820, it ranks above average and will hold up well in a busy household. Light colors and bold graining are qualities that help to hide dents and scratches on hardwoods, making hickory a top choice for homeowners worried about disguising damage. To top it off, hickory is a very stable wood that is resistant to changes in temperature and moisture.

Installation and Cost

While hickory’s high density makes it resistant to wear, this quality also makes it tough to install. Hiring a professional is recommended to ensure your floors are placed to last. Hickory floors are more affordable than similar exotic hardwoods with the same durability, but tend to cost more than their domestic counterparts.

Getting Started

If you think hickory hardwoods have a place in your Southport home, contact Floor Coverings International Shallotte to set up a free consultation. Our experts can answer your flooring questions and install your hardwoods skillfully. We proudly serve the greater Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James areas.


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