Hand scraped hardwood flooring in SouthportWhen you visit the Floor Coverings International Shallotte showroom, you’ll find hardwood flooring in many styles. From dark and glossy to natural and light, there’s a wood floor to suit every taste.

For those who appreciate rustic, imperfect hardwoods, hand-scraped styles are the perfect choice. Hand-scraped styles have a grooved, slightly uneven texture to make them appear as if they were finished by hand. Below, you can learn more about hand-scraped hardwood and decide if it’s right for your Southport home!

What Does “Hand-Scraped” Mean?

In the old days, all flooring was hand-scraped because there were no machines to do it. A woodworker had to use tools to smooth and scrape the wood and achieve as even a surface as possible. This resulted in a plank with subtle texturing and a slightly imperfect, rustic look.

These days, you can get a similar effect by choosing hand-scraped hardwood products. While most are not actually scraped by hand, they still have that natural texture and feel.

Advantages of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Hand-scraped floors have a slightly uneven surface to start with, so they do a good job of disguising dents and scratches. This makes them a smart choice for busy households!

The unique finish on hand-scraped hardwoods will also make them stand out from your average red oak planks. Impress your guests and complement your space with these statement floors. If you like the look of reclaimed or distressed hardwoods, hand-scraped products will also appeal to you!

If you are ready to select hardwood floors for your Southport home, give us a call or visit our showroom! Here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, you’ll find a wide selection of hardwood and other flooring products. We’ll also work with you to make the right choice for your style and needs.

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