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If you are on the hunt for a unique and high-end flooring option for your Southport home, you may want to explore our range of exotic hardwoods. Exotic hardwood flooring is typically more expensive than domestic hardwood flooring because it must be imported, but it usually has bold or distinct colors and patterns that you can’t find in other wood types.

Here are some examples of popular exotic hardwoods:

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors in Southport

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

Brazilian cherry is one of the most popular exotic hardwood floors. The wood has a warm, rich tone with a reddish hue. This type of wood is extremely hard, making it one of the most durable hardwood flooring types on the market. Brazilian cherry also stains well and takes sealers well. If you are looking for a wood floor with a rich color that can withstand a lot of wear and abuse, a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor is perfect for you.

Mahogany hardwood flooring in SouthportMahogany Hardwood

Mahogany is a very popular hardwood for its beauty and versatility. It is commonly used for furniture, carvings, cabinets and hardwood floors. The color can range, but usually it is a medium to dark brown, almost coffee-like color. The wood also has a light grain pattern, which is perfect for those who don’t prefer strong grains. Lastly, mahogany is a durable wood that is known to last for decades.

Teak hardwood flooring in SouthportTeak Hardwood

Teak hardwood is currently gaining in popularity with those who love exotic hardwood floors. Teak hardwood has a unique coloring that is not typically found in hardwoods. It is a light to medium brown color with gold or yellow undertones to it. As the wood ages, its color grows darker, while its undertone shifts to a silvery gray. Teak is also unique for its resistance to rot and termites.

Exotic hardwoods have rich, warm colorings and bold patterns that are not often found in domestic hardwoods. If you are ready to see samples of exotic hardwood flooring, stop in to the Floor Coverings International Shallotte showroom today!

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