bamboo flooringBamboo flooring has been popular in the Pacific Rim for decades, and has recently become a Western favorite. This durable and beautiful flooring material is especially popular thanks to its eco-friendly benefits. Here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we offer a range of bamboo flooring options for you to choose from. Our experts have lots of experience with this elegant material, and are here to help you learn all about it and find out if bamboo is right for your Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach & Southport NC area home.



Bamboo is often grouped with hardwood floors in stores, but it is actually made from a species of grass called Moso that’s native to the areas around China and Taiwan. Most bamboo flooring is made from stalks of bamboo that are four to five years old. These stalks are then sliced into strips and woven or laid into planks. Bamboo floors are naturally very light in color. They also have minimal grain patterns. This gives them a sleek, modern look that’s great for contemporary homes. If you prefer floors that are darker, you can also have your bamboo floors finished with a stain.


Green Benefits

Conservationists like bamboo for its ability to replenish itself quickly. You can harvest bamboo stalks after only a few years, and even after you do, the roots regrow. This is very different from trees that are used for hardwood flooring. These trees usually have to grow for decades, and the land has to be cleared after the tree is cut down.


Other Advantages of Bamboo

Bamboo is actually harder than many hardwoods, making it resistant to most scratches and scuffs. This makes it a good option for busy areas in your home that also look great with quality flooring, like the living room. Bamboo is fairly easy to clean, just be sure to sweep regularly and mop on occasion.


If you have more questions about bamboo flooring, contact us today at Floor Coverings International Shallotte. We have lots of experience choosing and installing bamboo flooring and can help you find the perfect style for your home in the Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach & Southport NC area.


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