Sisal carpet in SouthportAre you looking for a unique, natural carpet style for your Southport home? Sisal is just that. A sustainable, plant-based fiber that comes from the agave family, sisal produces a textured, woven material that can be used in wall-to-wall carpeting or even area rugs. Our Floor Coverings International Shallotte experts can help you determine if sisal carpeting is right for your space.

About Sisal Carpeting

  • Sisal has a distinctive look that can add texture and interest to the right space, but may not blend with every kind of décor. As a plant-based fiber, it primarily comes in neutral earth tones like beige and tan. The natural look of sisal is great for spaces where you want to incorporate a beachy, woven, textured feature.
  • Sisal is quite durable, making it a good choice for carpets in high traffic areas. In fact, it is used for other practical purposes in rope, twine, and as an alternative to fiberglass and asbestos.
  • As a natural fiber, sisal is a sustainable and eco-friendly carpeting choice. The sisal plant can be quickly grown and harvested, and is also biodegradable, meaning that it can be produced and recycled with less negative environmental impact.
  • Carpet often carries a bad reputation for homeowners with asthma or allergies. Fortunately, sisal is a natural carpet fiber that doesn’t carry chemicals like those in synthetic carpeting. It also doesn’t harbor dust and allergens like fluffier carpets do.
  • Sisal carpeting is relatively low maintenance. You can easily vacuum it to remove dirt and dust, but be sure to keep your carpet away from water since sisal is susceptible to mildew.

Would you like to learn more about sisal carpeting? Give us a call! Floor Coverings International Shallotte serves homeowners in Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James and beyond. We’ll help you find the perfect carpeting for your space.

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Photo Credit: Olga Denisova