Nylon carpet in SouthportIf you’re considering nylon carpeting for your Southport home, you’re not alone. In fact, nylon is one of the most popular material choices for residential carpeting in the United States today.

Still, as with any carpet material, there are also drawbacks associated with nylon. So to help you make your final choice, our Floor Coverings International Shallotte experts will examine the overall pros and cons of nylon carpeting as it compares with other common carpeting materials.

Advantages of Nylon Carpeting

Stain Resistance

Naturally, nylon is absorbent. However, with a stain treatment, it becomes extremely resistant to staining penetration. In fact, solution-dyed nylon is one of the most stain resistant types of carpeting materials.


Unlike many other carpeting materials, nylon carpet stands up especially well to abrasion and is an extremely strong fiber.


Again, unlike other materials, nylon possesses a special ability for retaining its original texture and appearance over time. This is in part due to the hydrogen molecule included in its basic structure. When steam cleaned, the steam heat can revive this hydrogen molecule, which helps the carpet spring back to life even after foot traffic and furniture has flattened it down.


No matter your budget, nylon carpeting can be an affordable flooring choice for your Southport home.

Disadvantages of Nylon Carpeting

Static Charge Buildup

Nylon has a tendency to easily build up a static charge, which can be annoying for those walking on the carpet constantly.

Must Be Treated for Stain Resistance

With a stain treatment, nylon is extremely resistant to stains. However, if nylon is not adequately cared for with a stain treatment, it can be extremely porous and may be easily discolored by acids, food spills, or dirt.

Making Your Final Decision

Overall, the choice of nylon carpeting for your Southport home is a good one. Nylon carpeting is resilient and durable and works for nearly any room in the house. If you’re ready to choose and install your new carpet, call Floor Coverings International Shallotte or visit our showroom!

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