Frieze carpet in Ocean Isle BeachFrieze is among the most popular carpet styles for homeowners in Ocean Isle Beach. It is a comfortable, low-maintenance carpet that works well for casual spaces where you just like to lounge on the floor or walk around in bare feet. It also adds a visually interesting texture to an otherwise plain room.

If you think frieze carpet might be right for your home, be sure to consider these tips from our Floor Coverings International Shallotte experts:

About Frieze Carpeting

  • Frieze has a distinctive, high, cut pile made up of twisted fibers. It may bring to mind shag carpeting from the 1970s, but is much easier to maintain. Because the fibers are long and soft, frieze carpet has a very textured appearance.
  • Frieze’s unique pile serves dual purposes. For one, it makes the carpet feel plush and cushioned – perfect for bedrooms and family rooms. But the pile also helps to disguise dirt, stains, footprints, and vacuum marks. The twisted fibers are strong, so they won’t be crushed by foot traffic and heavy furniture.
  • In many ways, frieze is a very low-maintenance carpet. Its textured surface helps to hide dirt and indentations, so you don’t have to vacuum it every day to make it look clean. However, the loose pile does not do well with spills, since it will allow liquids to spread and seep into the carpet.
  • Frieze carpeting is available in a variety of fibers, including wool, nylon, and more. Depending on your budget and preferences, you will likely be able to find a frieze style that meets your needs.

If you are shopping for a comfy, informal carpet style, look no further than frieze. Our Floor Coverings International Shallotte experts can help you choose the perfect product for your Ocean Isle Beach home. Give us a call today!

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