Berber carpeting in Southport

Berber carpet is a popular choice for high traffic areas thanks to its durability and stain resistance. At Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we are proud to offer a variety of Berber carpet options to the Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area. 

The Origins of Berber Carpet

Today, “Berber” is a term often used to describe any loop carpet. The term Berber technically describes a certain type of loop carpet with a thick yarn and flecked color scheme (usually a light tan color with darker accents). This type of carpet originated in North Africa, where the Berber people used wool and camel hair to create rugs, carpets, and cloaks. Today’s loop or Berber carpet is most commonly made from nylon, wool or olefin fibers. Because of its low pile and dense loops, Berber can withstand heavy traffic and still look great.

Is Berber Carpet Right for You?

Because of its tight, looped weave, Berber carpet is one of the most durable carpet styles available for your Southport home. Berber can sustain repeat foot traffic and pressure, so it’s less likely to show the marks of footprints, vacuuming, and furniture. Plus, if you happen to spill something on a Berber carpet, it’s easier to clean than it would be on a fluffy, plush carpet.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance or kid-friendly carpet, Berber could be a great option. However, if you have cats, be aware that their claws may pull on and detach the looped fibers of the carpet. 

Berber comes in a variety of fibers, colors, and patterns, so it’s easy to find whatever style best fits your space. Contact Floor Coverings International Shallotte to schedule a free consultation, or stop by our showroom to talk to our team of design experts! Floor Coverings International Shallotte is proud to serve Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James.

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