Granite Tile at Floor Coverings International in Shallotte, NC

When you hear “granite,” you may first think of countertops. But granite is also a great material for flooring, backsplashes, shower surrounds, and more! It is incredibly tough, meaning that it won’t be damaged by exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures or humidity.

If you choose to install granite tile in your Shallotte home, you can trust that it will last for decades as long as you take care to maintain it. Our Floor Coverings International® Shallotte team can also help you to find a beautiful granite pattern that will match your style and décor.

Advantages of Granite Tile

  • Granite is one of the hardest materials on the planet, so it is incredibly difficult to break it. It is a good choice for high traffic areas since it is unlikely to chip or scratch from everyday use.
  • Granite slabs (like the kind used in countertops) can be quite expensive. Although granite tile will still cost more than ceramic or porcelain, it is more affordable in tile form than it would be in a traditional slab.
  • Granite comes in an endless number of variations with different colors and patterns. It’s easy to find a unique pattern that will perfectly match your space.

Maintaining Granite Tile

Though granite is incredibly durable, it needs to be maintained if you want it to keep its beautiful finish. Water and other substances can etch the surface of the tile over time, so you should have your granite professionally sealed before first use. You may also need to have it resealed periodically if it is heavily used. When cleaning your granite tile, use a natural stone cleaner and avoid acidic substances.

To learn more about granite and other tile options for your Ocean Isle Beach home, call Floor Coverings International® Shallotte or visit our showroom. We look forward to meeting you!

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