Frieze Carpet At Floor Coverings International In Shallotte, NC

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Would you like to feel warmth and comfort on the bottoms of your feet in your Painesville space? The experts at Floor Coverings International of Shallotte boldly suggest frieze carpeting for your living or working environment.

This carpet style is popular because of its undeniable charm and unmatched strength. For those in Shallotte considering a simple improvement that will respect your wallet, then frieze carpet is exactly what you need.


Frieze carpet is a new and improved interpretation of shag carpet with a modern twang. It is more stylish and durable than comparable carpets of today and yesteryear. Frieze can be distinguished by its long, twisty fibers that curl so much that they fold back onto themselves. This carpet’s strength is attributed to its thick build which rarely leaving traffic patterns nor looses twist.

The pest part?

Frieze successfully hides seams and travels throughout the entirety of your home without revealing its beginning and ending. This carpeting alternative is more than just a pretty face!

Where To Install

If you were hoping to find a flooring that would be appropriate in every living or working situation, including dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms, frieze carpet will definitely meet your needs!

It compliments various types of decor and is appropriate for most tastes. It features a soft texture that is perfect for lounging with family members on the weekends and warming your chilly feet on cool mornings. Finally, it has the kind of durability that will withstand heavy traffic areas and hefty furniture pieces without damaging.

When properly installed and appropriately treated, this carpeting promises a long life of comfort and style.


This flooring is available in a low maintenance form of carpeting but requires thoughtful purchasing. When shopping for frieze carpet, select carpet colors that have great stain resistance, as well as examining its stain and soil warranties.


Frieze is made with loose fibers, meaning that messes can seep throughout the carpet if not swiftly addressed and corrected. A carpet with a higher stain resistance will have solution-dyed fibers where the colors run completely through the carpet. Thoughtful shopping and immediate cleaning will result in the longest life for your carpets.

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