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At Floor Coverings International, we’re reliable providers of all kinds of flooring for your home or business. We offer the highest quality materials in hardwood, tile, carpeting, vinyl, laminate floors and others. Before choosing a material for your own home, however, you’d be missing out if you didn’t consider our amazing variety of carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles Are A Popular Choice For Homes In Shallotte, NC, And Surrounding Areas

Carpet tiles have long been commonly used in commercial spaces, but are now seen practically everywhere. If you’re unfamiliar with this recently fashionable type of residential carpeting, the concept is simple.

Whereas traditional carpeting arrives in large broadloom rolls, carpet tiles are installed as individual tiles. Furthermore, carpet tiles are usually delivered with the backing and padding adhering to the underside of the carpet in advance, so no additional products are necessary for installation.

The Benefits Of Carpet Tiles

Why is it that carpet tiles have suddenly become so popular?

  • Easy Installation — With the backing already attached, installation requires nothing more than locking, glueing, or taping the tiles into place.
  • Highly Versatile — You can install tiles of a single color, or use a variety of colors for a more dynamic look. You can mix and match however you choose.
  • Replacement Is Simple — If you have children, pets, or are accident prone yourself, at some point your carpet is likely to become stained or damaged. In this instance, a traditional carpet is far more difficult to repair than one made up of several carpet tiles. With tiles, you simply remove the damaged tile(s) and replace. Wine stain, be gone!
  • Better for the Environment — Carpeting that comes in huge rolls needs to be cut to fit the shape of your home. Between the unused carpet and backing, the result is a lot of wasted material during installation. Carpet tiles come in different sizes, however, and require far less cutting than traditional carpets.

Leaders In Flooring Installation Services

At Floor Coverings International we know the impact that beautiful new floors can have on your home. That’s why we’re committed to providing the highest quality service when it comes to installation. Our employees are skilled technicians who can advise you on the best choice of flooring to match your budget.

Also, because we work directly with manufacturers, we have the widest range of affordable options anywhere in Shallotte, NC. Need help making a decision? Call us and we’ll bring our mobile showroom to you so you can choose your new flooring right from your home.

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