Berber Carpet At Floor Coverings International In Shallotte, NC

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Have you tired of your cold hardwood floor and often fantasize about a warmer alternative?

If you find yourself daydreaming of flooring that is gentle to the touch and features a welcoming vibe, the friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International of Shallotte believe you should consider Berber carpet. Our experts find joy in introducing those in Shallotte to the charm and versatility of this carpet that makes it appropriate for various demographics.


Berber carpet inherited its name from the Berber tribes in North Africa, which consisted of a particular style of weave that detailed light tones sprinkled with bits of dark gray and deep brown hues. In our modern society, however, we define Berber by its unique looped weave. This carpet is no longer distinguishable by beautiful speckles or whimsical appearances but sets itself apart with bold, solid colors.

For the homeowners of Shallotte seeking high-performance flooring, Berber guarantees just that. In comparison to other available carpeting options, it has an outstanding reputation for its strength due to its cut from the olefin fiber, a less expensive option that is comparable to nylon and wool. While other carpets are trimmed at the top, Berber has a simple, unadulterated looped weave that allows this flooring to be offered at amazingly low prices.

Where To Install

What was once only considered appropriate for home basements and personal offices is now acceptable in various living and working spaces. Berber carpet can be found throughout the entirety of a home, in special rooms, as well as the steps and railings of staircases. When installed with care and caution, it perfectly transitions from room to room. This comfy carpet is available in a variety of looks that make it suitable for any environment that you desire.


Berber’s notable looped design promises an easy clean-up. The construction of the weave repels messes from adhering to the threads and causing permanent damages. Spills tend to sit on the surface of the fibers, allowing for a quick clean-up as long as immediate action is taken. Routine cleaning rituals will lead to a long life for your Berber carpet.