Picking out your new hardwood floors is an exciting process for Southport homeowners. And at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we know you might get a bit overwhelmed with all of the style options and decisions that arise. Today our experts are here to slow it down a bit and start with one specific, but important, aspect: plank widths.


All good things change with time, and today you actually have the freedom to choose the widths of your hardwood planks. However, at one point there was only one standard option available for homeowners, which measures at about 2-3 inches in width. The standard width is still quite popular as it’s been the timeless go-to for decades. When you think of classic hardwoods you most likely picture the standard width!

narrow width hardwoods southportNarrow Strip

When a plank width dips below the standard 2-3 inches, it’s then naturally considered narrow! While you’re shopping for hardwoods, it’s likely that narrow widths will actually be referred to as strips. Narrow or strip planks are used quite often when creating unique hardwood patterns, like parquet, and in big, open spaces. We don’t always recommend strip flooring for smaller spaces, as all of the lines might quickly take up visual space.

wide plank hardwood flooring southportWide

Wide plank sizes are taking over the interior design world. But, they were actually most common in the colonial area in North America! Anything wider than 5 inches is considered wide, and today people are truly pushing the limits with how wide they can go! A wider plank offers more visual interest and opportunity to show off hardwoods natural beauty.


Another fairly common plank width is actually a variety of widths! Manufacturers often use widths ranging from 2-5 inches for efficient flooring installation. This allows them to use as much of the tree as possible, without wasting material. If you are looking for an affordable option, mixed is the way to go because there is no special sorting by size required.

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Hardwood plank size is an important consideration in the price, installation, and final look of your new floors. Luckily, Floor Coverings International Shallotte is here to help! Call us today and schedule your free, in-home consultation. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James.

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