Medium brown luxury vinyl plank in St. JamesWhen it comes to flooring, we all want two things: 1) something that looks good, and 2) something that takes no effort to maintain. That’s the dream, right? Gorgeous floors and no work. 

Well, it’s a happy day for you because a floor that has everything you want for your St. James home is not too good to be true!

Meet luxury vinyl plank.

Good Lookin’

Modern kitchen with dark luxury vinyl plank flooring in St. James

Luxury vinyl floors are intended to mirror beautiful, traditional flooring styles. To accomplish this, luxury vinyl comes in two forms: luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile.

Our star, luxury vinyl plank flooring, looks like hardwood. Though luxury vinyl planks are made from synthetic plastic (vinyl) instead of wood, it is a near-perfect clone of hardwood. Available in varying plank widths, colors, styles of texture, and installation patterns, luxury vinyl plank brings the same beauty that hardwood is known for. 

Hardwood is stylish and classic — we’ve known that for years. And now luxury vinyl is joining the ranks. 

Easy Peasy

Luxury vinyl plank floors give the term “low-maintenance” a whole new meaning. 

This type of flooring practically takes care of itself. Luxury vinyl plank is durable and long-lasting, so frequent foot traffic, dropped objects, and pet claws won’t damage your floors. If any sandy reminders of a St. James beach trip make their way inside, it’s easy to brush debris off of luxury vinyl. And routine cleaning for luxury vinyl plank floors couldn’t be simpler: sweep regularly, mop occasionally.

On top of that, luxury vinyl is water-resistant, meaning that practically no room is off-limits when installing luxury vinyl plank floors. Hardwood floors and water don’t mix well, so bathrooms and below-grade basements are a no-go for regular hardwood. Luxury vinyl plank lets you bring the beauty of hardwood to every corner of your St. James home. 

An Easy First Step

Luxury vinyl plank flooring brings a traditional look with modern ease to your St. James home. If you’re looking to install this champion floor, talk to our team at Floor Coverings International Shallotte! We offer free, no-commitment consultations and provide quick installations that take all the work off of your hands and ensure that your floors are installed correctly. 

Our flooring experts are available to answer questions, provide a service estimate, and offer suggestions for luxury vinyl plank (or other) flooring that works best with your home. Call today to schedule a free consultation or stop by our showroom to get started!

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Photo credits: © ShortPhotos and © Dmitry Melnikov