Shallotte tile

Here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, our custom tile jobs have earned high praise from our customers. We love to work with tile because the style choices are endless. You can select tile that matches your existing decorating scheme, or create a bold and eye-catching mosaic. There are several common types of tile to choose from, and they all come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is our quick guide to the most popular tile varieties.


Ceramic is the most popular and recognizable type of tile on the market. Ceramic tile is highly durable, easy to clean, and water resistant. Being water resistant also makes ceramic tile humidity resistant. This means that ceramic tile will prevent mold, mildew, and germs in your home. There are some disadvantages to ceramic tile, including the fact that it can feel quite cold and hard underfoot. Ceramic tile is also heavy, so make sure you have a professional assess your home’s structural integrity before you have it installed on an upper floor.


Known for its superior strength, porcelain tile is another common tile choice. Even though porcelain is technically a subcategory of ceramic tile, it is always differentiated from ceramic in the world of home renovation and interior design. Porcelain tile, with its extreme durability, is basically a ramped-up version of ceramic tile. Porcelain generally has all the same advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile. It requires a special installation process, so you should definitely hire a professional. Some people say that porcelain’s high levels of durability are even unnecessary for a residential space, and that it is actually better suited for commercial flooring.


Natural stone tile comes in many different forms, but we’ll just deal with the general characteristics of stone. Stone tiles work well both as a wall accent and as flooring. The main benefits of natural stone are that it is durable, low maintenance, and it offers a classy look to any space. However, stone should definitely be sealed when it is installed to prevent it from absorbing stains and showing scratches and scuffs. Certain types of natural stone tiles can also be quite expensive. There is an option to use stone laminate instead of all-natural stone, though, which is a cheaper alternative.


Glass tile is chic, elegant, and known for being arranged in mosaic patterns. The main advantages of glass are that it is very attractive, easy to clean, and its reflective properties make it an excellent choice for a statement piece. However, glass tile installation is difficult and should be done by a professional. Glass tiles can also run quite expensive, so you may be better off with a glass tile as a shower accent wall or backsplash instead of an entire floor.


Metal is an unconventional, very durable, and attractive tile option. Stainless steel is the most common metal used for residential tiles. Metal tiles are great because they tend to go with any kind of color or decorating scheme. They are also quite durable & they will protect any wall where they are installed – backsplashes are the most typical place you’ll find metal tiles. On the other hand, metal is susceptible to sustaining scratches and scuffs. It will also show stains and smudges very obviously, so it requires more frequent cleaning than other tile types.

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