One of the things that makes tile such a popular flooring choice is how low maintenance it can be. And while it certainly doesn’t need as much upkeep as carpet or hardwood, your tile does still need to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking spotless. Luckily the cleaning process is quick and easy! Read on for how to best maintain the tile of your St. James home.

Mopping or Sweeping?

When it comes to the regular upkeep of your tile, you might be wondering which is better: a wet mop or a broom? In truth, you’ll want to use a mop most of the time. Because the grout works like a channel for water and dirt on your tile, sweeping can actually just push unwanted debris into the grout, instead of cleaning it out. When you need a quick clean but don’t have time to mop, a vacuum will be much more effective than a broom. You should plan to mop your tile once a week and vacuum as frequently as is necessary.

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Cleaning Grout

Keeping the grout in your tile clean is absolutely essential, not only for the integrity of your tile installation, but for the overalllook of your floors. Grout is more porous than the actual tile so it collects dirt more easily and will become discolored over time without maintenance. It’s amazing what cleaning your grout can do to make your floors shine!  The best practice is to do a thorough clean about once a month, this will also help to extend the life of your tile and prevent any erosion of your grout from dirt or water collection.

It is important that you don’t use any harsh chemicals that might wear away your grout. Mix anything you use with water and do your research to make sure it’s compatible with the kind of tile you have installed. You’ll want to use something with bristles to clean your grout – even an old toothbrush works great!

Keeping Tile Young

Tile is known for being one of the more durable floor options out there, but even tile will eventually be subject to natural wear and tear. There are some things you can do, however, to extend the life of your tile and keep it looking new for longer. One tip is to place floor mats in the room, especially in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where you are more likely to have water or spills on the floor. Placing them next to your sinks, for example, can act as a simple protective shield for the most at-risk areas of your floors and keep those spots from suffering damage over time. Another important tip is to know your tile type and what cleaning methods or chemicals work best. Remember, what’s good for one material may be dangerous for another. Vinegar is great for porcelain but not for ceramic or other tiles with protective coatings. Doing just a little bit of research can save you and your floors difficulty down the line!

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