For those in the know, carpet can be a flooring option that’s eye-catching, expressive, and modern. If you are unaware of the modern trends in carpeting, this list from our experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte will change that by highlighting the top five carpeting trends for 2019 to spice up your Southport home! Let’s get going on these fabulous five carpet ideas.

Gray Carpet

gray carpet in ShallotteGray carpeting is on the rise, and for good reason. As a neutral color, gray carpet creates a blank canvas you can decorate with any type of décor or accent with a bold piece of furniture. At the same time, gray’s naturally dark color will hide dirt, footprints, and stains from spills better than a beige carpet, making it a practical choice for your Southport home.

Bold Colors

A major trend of recent times is the use of bold, vivid colors on carpet. One key idea is to create a contrast of bright and muted colors on your carpet. This can give your space an ultra-modern look on the one hand, or a playful and expressive vibe on the other.

Carpet Tiles

carpet samples in ShallotteCarpet tiles provide a great opportunity to express your inner artist due to their large variety of shapes and ease of installation. Furthermore, using a combination of different shapes and colors, you can create a unique carpet that can’t be found in any other home. Carpet tiles are arguably the most designer-friendly carpet type, and as such are guaranteed to give your Southport home a highly personalized look.

Custom Area Rugs

area rugs in ShallotteArea rugs are a simple and easy way to personalize your home without embarking on a full-scale re-flooring project. With their large variety of shapes and aesthetic designs, area rugs can fit in almost any room. Some particularly popular uses for area rugs are to use hand-made area rugs, vividly colored rugs, and to use unexpected placement by placing rugs in uncommon areas like bedrooms or entryways.

Waterproof Carpet

This technological marvel did not exist ten years ago, but today, you can easily find carpets that are completely waterproof! These carpets will be a bit pricier than standard plush carpet, but they offer incredible practical value by being almost impervious to water damage. This makes them a great option for family homes where young kids are present, as well as a great alternative for bathrooms and kitchens where cold hard tile can give you an unpleasant shock, especially when barefoot.

See These Options In Person

Are you ready to see these trending carpets in-person? Visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a free consultation! There’s never been a better time to revamp your Southport home. We are proud to serve Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James and surrounding areas!

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