While having a home where everything looks perfect is nice, there’s something beautiful about a slightly unfinished, rustic look. At Floor Coverings International Shallotte we know there can be perfection in imperfection. That’s why we want you to know about flooring options that will give your Southport home a distinctly rustic feel.

rustic hardwood floor shallotte

Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Historically all flooring was hand-scraped, as machine automation hadn’t yet appeared. A woodworker would draw a blade across the surface of the wood plank, resulting in a slightly textured surface. Today most hand-scraped planks produced by machines; however, the final result is nearly identical. The grooved, imperfect aesthetic of hand-scraped hardwood makes for the perfect rustic floor.

Unfinished Hardwood

If a hand-scraped floor feels as if it would be too much of a statement, consider installing an unfinished hardwood floor. Most hardwood is prefinished, meaning that it is sanded and stained in a factory, long before it reaches your home. With unfinished hardwood flooring, Floor Coverings International Shallotte sands, stains, buffers, and coats the flooring during the installation process. The result is a stunning rustic wood floor that fits perfectly into your Southport home.

slate tile rustic floor shallotteSlate Tile

Thinking of installing your rustic floor in a moisture-prone area of your home? Southport homeowners seeking a rustic aesthetic love the look of slate tile. Slate is a natural stone, made of compacted silt and clay. The way the stone is compacted means that the final tile is lightly textured. Besides the textured appearance, slate tiles can be multicolored or solid. Each stone is unique and Floor Coverings International Shallotte can help you pick the perfect hue, so the tile will blend in with the rest of your home’s design.

Sisal Carpet

A natural fiber carpet, like sisal, can add a rustic aesthetic to your house. Sisal carpet is a sustainable, eco-friendly carpeting option. The natural carpet style is an added bonus if you suffer from allergies, as sisal carpet doesn’t harbor dust. While the texture of sisal carpet does not give off as much warmth as traditional carpeting, Southport homeowners have taken to purchasing sisal carpet area rugs. An area rug can transform your home with little effort.

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