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When hardwood floors become worn down and scuffed up, there is still hope. Hardwood is actually an extremely survivable floor due to the process known as “refinishing.” Here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we often talk about refinishing. But what exactly is a hardwood refinish?

Today, we want to dive right into the topic of refinishing hardwood floors. This one’s for for Southport homeowners looking to bring their beloved hardwood flooring back to life.

Time to Refinish?

If your hardwood floor is looking dirty, dull, or scuffed up, it may be time to consider a deep clean. If that doesn’t restore your floor, refinishing probably will. Key indicators that your floor needs refinishing may include extreme dryness, gaps in the planks, or even the presence of grime. One helpful tip is to drop a little bit of water on your floor. If it’s absorbed right away, you know it’s probably time for a refinish.

When it comes to deeply worn hardwood, you have two main options. One is buffing & recoating, and the other is to sand & refinish. The buff-recoat is the simpler and less intensive of these options. For hardwood floors that feature unwanted scuffs and scratches in the surface finish, the topcoat can be buffed and recoated for a fairly quick fix. If the damage is deeper into the planks, you are probably in need of sanding and refinishing by professionals.

shallotte hardwood refinish

The Hardwood Floor Sand & Refinish

Sanding and refinishing gives you the chance to really revitalize your hardwood floor and enjoy its full visual potential again. You can even re-stain the hardwood during this process. Basically, the floor is sanded down to remove the sealant. Professionals will scrape through wax, residual topcoat, and other materials.

Your floor will be been sanded down to bare wood, and beyond — this will eliminate any existing scuffs, scratches, dents, and other aberrations until the planks are nice and smooth. A fresh topcoat of sealant is laid on top of the floor, and just like that, you’ll have hardwood flooring that shines again.

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