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Southport homeowners love the look and feel of hardwood. With its durability, versatility, and style it’s no wonder that hardwood flooring is so popular in the greater Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area. At Floor Coverings International Shallotte, our customers ask us for advice on how to protect their new hardwood floors. Here are five tips for making sure your hardwood lasts for generations:

1. Vacuum your floors.

Most Southport families understand the importance of vacuuming for rooms with wall-to-wall carpets. It helps remove the dirt and dust trapped deep within your carpet’s fibers. Many are surprised to learn that it is just as important to vacuum your hardwood. Over time, your hardwood floors accumulate grit and other outside debris that wear away at your floor’s beautiful finish.

2. Invest in area rugs and doormats.

Hardwood floors do not experience wear evenly. Areas with higher foot traffic, such as hallways and entryways, will show their age far sooner than the hardwood hiding underneath your couch. Buy high quality doormats for all of your entryways to protect your floors.

3. Avoid moisture and standing water.

Hardwood does not mix with moisture. That’s why you rarely find bathrooms outfitted with hardwood floors. In a coastal town like Southport, it’s essential to take humidity into considering when purchasing new floors. Always immediately mop up any spills onto your hardwood floors. In addition, a dehumidifier will help keep your floors from warping and buckling over time due to the natural moisture in the air.

4. Use furniture pads.

There is nothing worse than the sound of a chair dragging across your gorgeous new hardwood floors. By simply adhering felt pads to the bottoms of all of your furniture, you protect your floors from inadvertent scratches and dings.

5. Make sure your floors are pet-safe.

There are a number of ways that pets can damage hardwood. The most common damage we see is scratches. Be sure to trim your dog’s nails to ensure they don’t touch the ground. Dog and cat fur can also remove your floor’s finish over time, so be sure to invest in a pet bed for when they snooze.

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