Shallotte flooring

When you decide to have new flooring installed in your Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area home, it’s important to think about the long-term affects. How long do you want your flooring to last? Are you hoping to add value to your home with your new flooring? At Floor Coverings International of Shallotte, we often pose these questions to homeowners. If you are looking for flooring that will continue to benefit you over time, there are a few types of flooring that offer unique benefits to your home, even years after they’ve been installed.


I know, it may seem surprising that such an affordable type of flooring would have long-term benefits, but carpet has a host of benefit for your home! The primary one that continues to give back to you as a homeowner, is its insulating abilities. The extra padding that carpet offers helps to keep heat inside your home. This can reduce winter heating bills and save you money over time!


Solid hardwood flooring offers a range of long-term benefits to homeowners. The most obvious one is that it adds value to your home and will be attractive to potential buyers. Hardwood’s impressive life span is another huge benefit. If it’s taken care of correctly, hardwood can last for decades. You also have the option of refinishing hardwood floors, making them look almost like new again! The last benefit we want to talk about is the way that hardwood changes color over time. Most types of hardwood have their own unique way of aging, but each change accentuates the beauty and complexity of the natural wood.

Natural Stone Tile

This rather broad category encompasses a wide range of stone tile including travertine, slate and marble tile. These beautiful flooring options offer the same resale benefits of hardwood. Potential buyers love seeing natural stone in a home, it means they won’t have to worry about redoing the flooring for many years. Many types of natural stone tile also form a sort of patina over time that accentuates the beauty of the stone. Rather than getting shabbier over the years, with the proper care, your tile floors will get more beautiful!

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Laminate

These less durable, but affordable flooring options have one major long-term benefit. If one part of your floor becomes seriously damaged, it is relatively simple to replace a single tile of luxury vinyl or a square of laminate flooring. This is why at Floor Coverings International of Shallotte we always recommend that homeowners hold on to any extra tiles they might have at the end of an installation process. You could be very happy you have them at some point in the future!

If you’re thinking about new flooring for your Shallotte or Ocean Isle Beach home, give our experts a call today!

Photo Credit: yampi