Home office flooring ShallotteWhether you’re enhancing your existing home office or creating one for the first time, it’s important for your space to be functional, comfortable, and stylish! Floor Coverings International Shallotte is here to share our tips for ensuring your home office floors are up to the task.

How to Choose the Right Floors for a Home Office

If you’re ready to install new floors in your home office space, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Does the room serve multiple purposes, or is it only a home office?
  • Do you expect this room to be a home office long-term, or just temporarily?
  • What kind of desk chair do you plan to use?
  • Are you concerned about keeping noise to a minimum?

Home office hardwood floors Shallotte

We usually recommend hard surface flooring for a home office, such as hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl. These materials are versatile and easy to maintain; if you change your space down the road, you probably won’t need to update your floors. If you use a rolling office chair, it’s also easier to move across a smooth, hard surface rather than carpeting. However, if you want to keep your space quiet, carpet will do a better job of muffling noise. If you do decide to install carpeting, we suggest opting for a low-pile style such as Berber.

Tips for Enhancing Your Existing Floors

If you’re not able to install new floors right away, we have some tips to help make your existing floors more functional and appealing:

  • If you don’t love your existing floors, consider an area rug! A large rug can help cover up damaged, stained, or out-of-date floors. Plus, an area rug can help absorb sound in your space (a helpful touch if you spend a lot of time on phone calls or virtual meetings).
  • If you use a rolling office chair, it can be helpful to place a small floor mat underneath the wheels. If you have carpet in your home office, the mat will help your chair roll more smoothly. Or, if you have a hard flooring surface, it will help keep your chair from leaving scratches behind.

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