Wood accents, hairpin metal, and vintage lounge chairs – mid-century modern is the new norm for today’s design trends. From furniture to flooring, many Southport homeowners are obsessed with this 1950’s revamp. We truly see it everywhere! Below, our experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte share a few flooring styles that will perfectly match your mid-century modern design goals.

Solid Hardwoodmid-century modern hardwood floors southport

Midcentury modern focuses on basic shapes, clean lines, and soft forms combined with natural or bold tones. Hardwood flooring matches these goals quite nicely. In the 1950s, hardwood floors commonly featured narrow plank sizes or even parquet patterns. When it comes time to look for a finish, aim for golden tones to capture the well-loved midcentury modern warmth. Teak is a beautiful species used in vintage Danish furniture designs, which you can also install as a floor!

Natural Stone

Bringing the outdoors inside is a big step in creating the look of a mid-mod home. Natural stone tile, such as slate, is a common feature in entryways or other accent points. It provides a lovely contrast with all of the wood furniture you are bound to collect.

Oversized Tile mid-century modern tile flooring southport

Rather than the sharp, extreme lines of modernism, mid-century modern utilizes simple, clean lines. Square tiles, in a larger size, emphasize the beautiful simplicity of the design. You want to avoid any crazy patterns or bold colors on your floor. Leave the bold greens and oranges for your other décor and opt for a dark grey or cream toned tile.


Before you go out and buy a shag carpet straight from the 70’s (which will require careful maintenance), check out the modern alternative to shag – frieze carpet! It’s all about softness with this interior design style. A soft carpet pairs wonderfully with the clean lines and soft curves of furniture. For more subtle texture in your carpet, consider Berber carpet, which will provide a neutral, durable, and simple styling foundation.

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Do you want to fill your Southport home with the warmth and simplicity of mid-century modern design? Find the perfect floors to highlight this popular aesthetic. Call Floor Coverings International Shallotte or visit our showroom today! We proudly serve Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James and surrounding areas.

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