North Carolina summers are hot and humid – that’s just a part of life here in the South. While it’s wonderful to have fun in the sun, it’s important to keep the climate in mind when selecting the flooring that’s right for you.

Traditional flooring options like carpets and hardwoods tend to retain moisture, although they are still excellent options for owners willing to put in the effort to maintain them. To make it easier for families in Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James, Floor Coverings International Shallotte has compiled a list of the best flooring options for homes in humid climates.

Option 1: Tile

Porcelain tile flooring in a Southport home courtesy of Floor Coverings International ShallotteTiles are available in a wide selection of styles and materials, ranging from porcelain to glass and ceramic to natural stone. The versatility of tile flooring makes it perfect for virtually any space in your Southport home, regardless of use or décor.

Tile flooring has long been used in bathrooms and showers due to its resistance to moisture and stains. In recent years, more and more families have begun using tile in kitchens as either backsplash or flooring.

Option 2: Laminate

Laminate is a synthetic flooring material created using high levels of pressure to fuse layers of aggregate wood particles and clear, durable plastic. Laminate flooring maintains the look and feel of hardwood without breaking the bank or requiring painstaking installation.

Engineered hardwood flooring in a Southport home courtesy of Floor Coverings International Shallotte

Option 3: Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a durable, low-maintenance flooring option perfect for North Carolina families. Like laminate, engineered hardwood is created using high levels of pressure, which fuses layers of finished hardwood, raw hardwood, and high-density fiberboard.

For residents looking to add hardwood to their home, engineered hardwood is a stand-out selection. Engineered hardwood is much more moisture-resistant than traditional hardwoods due to its multi-layer structure (although it still requires occasional upkeep to make it last as long as possible).

Option 4: Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic plastic polymer. PVC is formed into solid sheets using intense heat and pressure, creating a thick, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution that’s especially popular in high traffic areas. Luxury vinyl flooring is highly moisture-resistant, and is available at Floor Coverings International Shallotte in either plank or tile form.

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