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There is a great range of diversity among carpet styles and materials. This may make the prospect of carpeting a home seem daunting, but at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we are all for customization! More options means more personalization, and more homes to fit the Southport homeowner. When purchasing carpet, here is a list of items to know and look out for.

Face Weight

A carpet’s face weight is its weight in ounces per square yard of carpet pile. This is distinct from the concept of a carpet’s total weight, which combines pile weight plus the weight of the carpet backing. The greater the face weight of a carpet, the greater its general durability. Heavy means heavy-duty.


When looking at the density of a carpet, you’re looking at the spaces between carpet fibers adhered to the carpet backing. This space measurement is referred to as “tufting.” When a carpet’s fibers are closer together, it is more dense and therefore more durable. Sparse fiber density means a carpet will wear out faster.


In many carpets, the fiber strands are twisted together to create strong and stylish arrangements of carpet surface. The extent to which the strands are twisted, calculated numerically, is called twist. It is known sometimes as turns-per-inch, and the higher the number, the greater the durability.

shallotte carpet tips

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are generally more environmentally friendly, and there are a few options to consider. Wool is resilient, durable and soft. For a lower price, sisal carpet is quite similar, though it can’t quite match wool’s softness.

Jute is another soft natural carpet, and it comes cheaper than wool or sisal. However, jute is notoriously delicate, and belongs in areas like bedrooms where there is less traffic.

Lastly, there is seagrass, which boasts a nearly impermeable fiber. But despite seagrass’ high stain resistance, it cannot be dyed to a new color, so seagrass owners should be comfortable with its rich natural tan color.

Synthetic Fibers

The most common synthetic fiber is easily nylon. It is durable, resistant, and has the ability to retain its new appearance even following years of use. On more economic side there is polyester, which is actually more resistant to stains than its costlier counterpart nylon! However, in the long run, polyester is less durable overall.

Polypropylene, better known as “olefin,” lacks the durability of even polyester, but it is very comparable to soft, natural wool. Besides the comfort, olefin can be solution-dyed to permanently retain its color, even after prolonged sun exposure!

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