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Homeowners in Southport opt for luxury vinyl flooring due to its versatility and easy maintenance. That being said, it’s important to know how to properly care for vinyl floors to ensure their longevity. At Floor Coverings International Shallotte we offer a variety of luxury vinyl flooring choices to suit your style and needs. We are experts in flooring installation and offer guidance on how to best care for your floors.

How to Protect Your Floors

1. Keep Dirt and Debris Where It Belongs – Outside

Perhaps one of the easiest steps homeowners can take to protect their floors is to keep dirt to a minimum in the home. Dirt particles can cause unwanted scratches. Installing doormats at every entryway and having guests remove their shoes before entering is a sure way to reduce the amount of debris that gets inside.

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2. Routinely Sweep and Dust Floors

Be sure to carve out daily time for cleaning your vinyl floors. Keeping on top of your cleaning routine will help you avoid headaches down the road and avoid irreversible damage. Regularly sweep the floors with a soft bristle broom to keep dust from accumulating. A gentle vacuum also works; just be sure to do these steps before moving on to mopping. Always clean up spills immediately to avoid staining your vinyl flooring.

3. Protect Against Furniture Scuffs

Another easy way your vinyl flooring can be damaged is by the furniture around your home. Be mindful when moving furniture around and be sure to place any lifted furniture down gently. Adhere furniture pads to the legs of the furniture to reduce unsightly scuffs.

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4. Dealing with Pets

As much as we love our furry friends, they can be a source of frustration when they make messes. Regularly trim your pet’s claws so that they don’t scratch the surface of your vinyl flooring. After a long walk at the park be sure to clean their paws before heading inside to keep dirt to a minimum. Have a dedicated space for pets to relieve themselves and clean any accidents immediately.

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