We are constantly learning new ways to live a more sustainable life. From minimizing our use of plastics and becoming more aware with our buying power, together we are moving towards a greener future. You can also choose to bring more sustainable materials into your own home! At Floor Coverings International Shallotte we offer a variety of environmentally friendly options. We recommend choosing one of the following styles for an eco-friendlier home.


Bamboo Flooring Living Room - Floor Coverings International Shallotte

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is one of the most popular sustainable floor options available today. A big reason for this is the bamboo plant’s quick ability to regrow after harvesting. Trees used for hardwood floors, on the other hand, can take decades to replenish.

Bamboo flooring is a great option for any high traffic areas in your home because of its durability and resistance to scuffs and scratches. Above all, bamboo floors have a sleek and modern look and feel to them so you can reap the benefits of both practicality and style.

Cork Flooring Home - Floor Coverings International Shallotte


Cork Floors

You’ve seen cork boards and cork home accessories, but what about cork floors? Cork flooring is manufactured from the bark of cork oak trees. The cork is ground up and pressed into sturdy sheets, which then become cork flooring. Don’t worry, the cork is harvested every few years without damaging the trees, making this a guilt-free choice. No need to be concerned about durability either as this type of flooring is highly resilient against foot traffic.

Laminate Floors 

Laminate Kitchen Floors - Floor Coverings International Shallotte

This is a great economical option to use in your living room, kitchen, or entryway. Laminate floors include an image layer that can take on the real appearance of hardwood or stone floors. The great thing about this type of floor is that it helps minimize the harvesting of trees by using upcycled wood particles. These particles are firmly pressed together resulting in sturdy floor boards for your home.

Wool Carpet Floor Coverings International Shallotte

Wool Carpet

Another great eco-friendly flooring option you can have installed is wool carpet.  Wool carpeting is comprised of soft sheep hair. This is perfect for insulating your space, which can help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This sustainable flooring material is also biodegradable. Thanks to the opaque fibers, wool carpet is great at hiding debris too.

Ready for a Greener Home?

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