For many cat owners, cats are a part of the family. However, for all their wonderful qualities, cats are not always neat and tidy. Cat owners who are homeowners in the Southport or Shallotte area (or property owners who will be renting to cat owners) must make smart flooring choices in order to minimize wear and tear. Consider the following flooring types to help keep your living space clean and pleasant:

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Resilient, Stain-Repellent Tile

Tile is one of the most effective choices in terms of easy cleanup, provided it is sealed and finished. Ceramic, porcelain and glass tile are some examples; however, the grout between each tile can be somewhat porous, so stains should still be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Avoid unfinished tile choices like slate, travertine and raw stone unless you have them professionally finished.

Carpet Considerations for Cat Owners

Cats love to scratch and knead, and carpeting can be particularly appealing to them. Training cats from a young age to do so on a designated scratching post can help. Select a cut pile carpet instead of looped to minimize the potential for damage. You should also invest in the best stainguard option available to you in case the cat decides not to use the litter box one day. You can also opt for a carpet pad with a moisture barrier.

If you are still concerned about staining from waste or the inevitable hairball, select a medium or dark colored carpet instead of white or light tones. Getting a patterned or multi-colored carpet style can also help. Consider having carpet tiles installed instead of unrolled from a roll. That way, if a tile gets stained, you can easily replace it. (Take care to keep 6 to 10 extra tiles in storage from the same lot of tiles that’s installed in your home.)

Durable Vinyl

High grade vinyl flooring is an excellent option for pet owners, as it is repellent to stains and liquids. While lighter colors have a slight risk of staining, addressing the accident as soon as possible after it occurs can help to minimize this risk. Vinyl can also be purchased in tiles that allow for easy replacement of a section should it become stained or damaged.

Laminate/Engineered Wood Flooring

While solid hardwood flooring could be prone to staining, laminates and engineered versions can be much more repellent to pet accidents and stains. Check with the manufacturer to ensure the brand you choose has these stain repellent qualities.

Having pets in your home comes with the risk of added damage to its décor and components, but some thought and planning can help to minimize these effects. When buying flooring for a cat-friendly household, consider these pet-friendly flooring types. Have questions? Contact Floor Coverings International Shallotte today!

Photo Credit: Damien Richard