The master bedroom is the ultimate place to escape for homeowners in Southport. As an area of rest and refuge, the master bedroom deserves the best carpet possible. Though there are countless carpeting options out there, our carpeting professionals here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte have determined the three best for your bedroom in terms of comfort, durability, and style.

plush carpet bedroom SouthportPlush

Plush is one of the softest carpets available for the home. It is a cut pile variety wherein long strands stand up straight from a backing material. These fibers are uniformly cut and incredibly dense, which in turn gives plush carpeting a cushiony bounce underfoot. It usually comes in solid colors, from neutral to primary shades. Due to its long pile and soft texture, plush tends to absorb stains quicker than other carpet types. If a spill happens, be sure to clean it up immediately to prevent staining.


A tightly looped variety of carpet, Berber’s name originates from the weaving methods of the Berber people of North Africa. In its contemporary form, Berber is often used to describe any kind of low pile, densely looped carpet. Modern varieties are made from a wide range of fibers including olefin, wool, and nylon. While Berber is not as soft as plush or frieze, it is very resistant to stains and spills due to its dense construction. Berber tends to come in neutral color palates, which makes it perfect for any style of master bedroom.

frieze bedroom carpet Southport


Frieze is made from long looped yarn fibers that are twisted and curled to give it a frizzy and vibrant appearance. Like Berber, frieze is available in a wide range of neutral tones, as well as blended tones like light brown and ivory. Frieze will add texture to any bedroom, and is very comfortable underfoot. It can be harder to clean spills due to its density, but otherwise requires very little maintenance. Since the fiber strands tend to lie on the side, frieze holds up under heavy furniture and foot traffic.

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Photo credits: Jodie Johnson, WHYFRAME