Carpet in a Southport home's living room, courtesy of Floor Coverings International ShallotteThere are plenty of reasons to love soft, cozy, and comfortable carpet. It feels great underfoot. It looks lovely in living rooms and beautiful in bedrooms. It’s friendly on a working family’s budget.

However, there are many hidden benefits to carpet flooring that remain unknown to North Carolina families. Read on for a few surprising carpet facts that you should consider when making your next flooring purchase!

Reason 1: Carpet Can Protect You

Carpets cushion against slips and falls, making it a popular flooring option for families with children, elders, or mobility impairments. While injury prevention isn’t carpet’s primary purpose, it’s a factor worth considering when weighing against more durable materials such as stone, wood, or laminate.

Reason 2: Carpet Can Improve Your Air Quality

Critics point to carpet’s ability to trap dirt, dust, and dander as a reason to opt for alternative flooring – however, carpet’s particulate-catching ability improves air quality in the home! With regular cleaning and upkeep, carpet can help homeowners eliminate airborne irritants and allergens.

Reason 3: Carpet Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Cold Carolina winters are no match for warm, fluffy carpet. Carpet’s thick fibers possess many insulating properties that prevent heat from escaping your home through the floor, which in turn lowers the amount of money you spend each month on your heating bill. In addition to trapping heat, carpet also traps sound, keeping your home calm, quiet, and private.

Reason 4: Carpet Can Be Recycled

Floor Coverings International Shallotte is proud to partner with Shaw Floors, a nationwide leader in eco-friendly flooring options. Shaw’s Evergreen Carpet Recycling Facility has reclaimed 100 million pounds of post-consumer carpet annually over the past 13 years. Recycled carpet has a wide variety of use cases beyond flooring, including roofing, tires, and industrial parts.

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