Bamboo flooring in St. JamesIf you’re considering installing hardwood floors in your St. James home, we at Floor Coverings International Shallotte would also recommend bamboo flooring as a smart option. Most homeowners know about bamboo as an eco-friendly flooring choice, but that’s not its only advantage! Bamboo is also durable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and has a distinctive look.

Continue reading to learn four facts that might convince you to choose bamboo floors for your home.

1. Bamboo is just as durable as hardwood flooring.

If you’ve heard of the Janka scale, then you probably know that it’s a tool used to compare the toughness of different hardwoods. Although bamboo is not a hardwood, it can still be compared to wood species using the Janka scale.

On this scale, typical bamboo flooring rates at 3,800 (although some bamboo varieties can rate as high as 5,000). This is considerably higher than many standard hardwoods, such as cherry, red and white oak, maple, and hickory, which all fall under the 2,000 mark.

While this high Janka rating doesn’t mean that bamboo flooring is invincible (it can still be scratched and stained), it does mean that it is very tough and can handle all the same wear and tear that a traditional hardwood floor would.

2. Like hardwood, bamboo can be refinished.

Many homeowners appreciate hardwood flooring because it can be refinished repeatedly over time. This helps extend the life of the floor by removing surface damage and giving it a fresh, new look.

Most bamboo flooring can also be refinished. This means that, even if your floor takes plenty of wear and tear over the next few years, you have the option to refinish it and make it look like new down the road!

3. Bamboo has a clean, contemporary look.

Bamboo flooring is engineered by gluing many strands of bamboo grass together. This gives it a subtle, vertical-lined pattern that blends well with modern interiors. If you don’t like the dramatic look of hardwood grain, bamboo’s delicate pattern may be more to your taste.

4. Bamboo is a sustainable flooring material.

Bamboo forestsBamboo’s green reputation may not be surprising, but it’s still worth considering! Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material because it grows very quickly. Bamboo takes about 5 years to reach maturity, whereas hardwood trees can take over 20 years. Plus, bamboo will continue to grow after it has been cut, so it doesn’t have to completely replanted.

If we’ve convinced you to consider bamboo flooring for your St. James home, stop by our showroom so you can see our range of bamboo products in person!

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Photos © Yampi, Vasin Lee