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Most homes have carpet installed in at least one room. This cozy and durable flooring is affordable, insulating and comfortable underfoot. It’s no surprise carpeting is popular here in the Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area and across the country. Unfortunately it’s easy to let maintenance fall on the wayside. A carpet that isn’t taken care of properly begins to look ragged, and it can even make your family’s allergies worse. At Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we have a few essential tips for homeowners like you to ensure that your carpet continues to look wonderful for years to come.

1. If You’re Cleaning a Stain: Blot, Don’t Scrub

This tip is incredibly important. If you push hard on a stain and scrub at it, you can both push the stain deeper and damage the fibers of your carpet. We know that when something drips or falls onto your lightly colored carpet your first instinct is to fight back with a fierce scrub. Instead, blot at the edges of the stain lightly and work your way towards the center. We promise this will almost always result in the stain being completely removed.

2. A Professional Cleaning Takes Years Off Your Carpet

Many people don’t want to invest in a professional carpet cleaning because of the cost. We always recommend the investment to our customers. Firstly, often your carpet’s warranty will be voided if you don’t have the carpet cleaned every year or so. Secondly, your carpet will almost look like new again! Doing your own steam cleaning or having it done professionally will end up saving you money because of the years it will add to your carpet’s life.

3. When Dealing with a Spill, Try Water First

Water is surprisingly effective at handling carpet stains. It is also much more gentle on your carpet’s fibers than a harsh chemical cleaner. Be sure to try your best to remove a stain with water before relying on another cleaner that could harm your carpet.

4. Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

This is another financial investment that people are often unwilling to make. If they own an old vacuum that still works, people don’t see the need to buy something new and expensive. Stronger vacuums are able to remove much more dust and dirt from your carpet’s fibers. This means the carpet will retain its color much longer. You will also be doing a favor to anyone in your home who is prone to allergies. The dirt and dust that gets stuck in carpet fibers is known for worsening allergies.
If you are thinking of installing new carpet in your Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Southport & St. James area home, be sure to consult your local experts at Floor Coverings International Shallotte. We’re familiar with all things carpet-related, and we offer free in-home design consultations that bring the flooring store to your home.

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