Here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte, we believe that hardwood flooring never goes out of style. However, certain hardwood colors, finishes, and textures rise and fall in popularity as design trends come and go. If you want to learn about the latest trends in hardwood flooring for your Southport home, our expert team is here to help!

Rustic imperfect hardwood floors in Southport

Perfectly Imperfect

Distressed surfaces and natural finishes have quickly gained popularity as shiny, polished hardwood floors have started to fall out of favor. These days, you’ll find more hardwood products that feature knots, board-to-board color variation, or slightly uneven surface textures. If you’re interested in a hardwood floor with these types of beautiful imperfections, look for flooring styles with wire-brushed or distressed finishes, or ones that use reclaimed wood.

American oak hardwood flooring in Southport


More homeowners are seeking out hardwood floors that are manufactured in the U.S., and for a variety of reasons. Domestic hardwoods are often less expensive and more widely available than imported woods; plus, they tend to be more environmentally-friendly than exotic hardwoods that have been shipped from overseas. If you’re seeking out American-made flooring for your Southport home, look for domestically-grown woods like hickory, maple, and oak.

Greige hardwood floors in Southport

“Greige” Hues

You may remember when gray hardwood floors became an extremely popular design trend a few years back. Cool-toned woods have remained very popular, but more homeowners and designers are shifting from gray to “greige” (a cross between gray and beige). These greige hardwood floors provide a lovely neutral color palette for the rest of your space. Plus, they look a bit more natural than purely gray floors, which tend to have a very contemporary and trendy appearance.

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