Baby on carpet in SouthportWhether you’re expecting a baby or your bundle of joy is already here, you know that your nursery should be a space that’s both functional and safe. Fortunately, our expert team here at Floor Coverings International Shallotte can help you pick the perfect floor. Here are three great options that would work well in a Southport nursery.


Carpet is the most popular flooring option for a nursery because of its style diversity and comfort. It’s a great surface for floor play because of its softness and cushion. Babies start getting into things quickly, so having a soft floor that they can crawl on helps them explore their world safely.

Babies also get plenty of floor time with activity gyms and tummy time, so placing a mat over a carpet offers them a comfortable surface to practice their early motor skills. Carpets also come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to express your child’s personality.

Carpet Tiles

This flooring offers the comfort of carpet, plus the flexibility and ease of tile installation. If one tile becomes dirty or stained, you can easily switch it out without replacing the whole carpet. New babies often come with unexpected messes, so carpet tiles can be a lifesaver in those tough situations! You can also easily make fun patterns with different colored tiles.

Luxury VinylNursery flooring in Southport

Vinyl is a resilient floor that is also very water-resistant. Therefore, it’s great at combating all the stains and spills that come with a new baby. Though the surface may still feel hard compared to carpets, it has more give than hardwoods or laminate. You can also make your luxury vinyl floors more amenable to floor play by using area rugs that you can easily switch out and wash in case of a cleaning emergency.

Call Floor Coverings International Shallotte or visit our showroom to learn more about flooring options for your nursery! We proudly serve parents and parents-to-be in Shallotte, Southport, and beyond.

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