While traditional wood tones and stains are always an option, these days just about anything is possible in wood and laminate flooring colors. Both solid hardwood and engineered flooring have come a long way and are now available in a range of striking finishes.

The wood type for flooring must be decided upon before colors are considered; however, from there, a rainbow of possibilities await. Favorites like hickory and oak wood are still attractive choices, but more exotic options like acacia and tigerwood are trending. The following are some of the most intriguing wood and laminate flooring color options now trending for home decor:

gray hardwood floor

It’s in Black and White… Or Maybe Gray

One of the most impactful recent innovations in wood flooring is that it doesn’t have to look traditional at all. Color palettes in whitewashed looks, shades of silvery-gray or even sleek jet black are being used with great success in interior design motifs.

A white wood or laminate floor brings a chic, polished look to kitchens and dining rooms, and a glossy finish ensures easy cleanup. Wood in steely grays give living rooms and offices a contemporary flair that can be the perfect canvas for splashes of color in furniture, accents and window treatments.

Jet black flooring makes perhaps the boldest statement of all and works well with either an eggshell finish or stunning high glass polish. This attention-getting modern flooring choice is extremely chic and contemporary. The look of deep black flooring can be accented well with bold colors, lighter wood furnishings and metal flourishes.

Natural Neutrals

The polar opposite of contemporary black, whitewashed or gray flooring choices just might be natural tones. However, today’s light wood looks go beyond blond and range into more neutral palettes that are hard to characterize.

The result is an appealing look that can give any room a distinctive ambience. Neutral light wood tones with just a tinge of ochre, auburn, honey, rose or blue delight the senses and can coordinate with darker tones of the same color family. These neutral wood and laminate flooring choices favor simplicity, so find wood types with minimal grain patterning to make the most of this look.

Go Warm and Bright

Far from understated, this next trend takes wood flooring color possibilities into new and unexpected realms. If natural and neutral isn’t your speed, warm, bright and bold just might be. This trend is supported with wood flooring color choices like bright butterscotch yellow, tawny caramel brown, and even orange or bright ruby red.

These wood colors can be played up even more with durable high gloss finishes, ensuring the floor becomes the focal point of the room. Furnishings for these warm, bright and bold flooring choices should either be understated, letting the floor steal the show, or deliberately extra-artsy and quirky to take the entire room décor up a notch. It’s your call!

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Photo Credit: Irina Rogova