Floor Coverings International Shallotte is delighted to unveil the latest installment in our Designer Influencer Interview Series. Jordan and Janette are the fabulous duo behind The 2 Seasons, The Mother/Daughter Lifestyle Blog. You can follow Jordan and Janette on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The 2 Seasons

Please tell us a little about yourself.

We are the mother/daughter duo, Janette and Jordan, and we have been writing this blog together for over five years.  We came up with the concept because I (Janette) live in Kentucky, and Jordan was living all the way up in northern New York  when we started our collaboration.   We had recently down-sized from the burbs to a beautiful townhouse in the city, and Jordan had moved into her first starter home, a charming 1928 bungalow.  Last year Jordan and her husband Yankee moved to Charlotte, NC.  Since then, they have adopted a little girl from Thailand.  She is known on the blog as Little Miss. Even though we are a six-hour car ride apart, it seems as if we are next door to one another.  After all, Jordan once lived in Hawaii, which is six time zones away from Kentucky.  We came up with our blog’s name because we are in two different seasons of our lives.

We have had some amazing adventures together.  A few years ago, Jordan left from the foot of the Eiffel Tower on her bicycle.  I met up with her in southern Spain with my bicycle, and we pedaled through Morocco, Western Sahara, and Mauritania, to Dakar, Senegal.  This included the Sahara Desert.  We slept in tents for seven weeks and are two of the few American women who have done this.  It was one of the scariest and most grueling things I have ever done, but boy, did I grow as a person.

We have both gone zip-lining through the tropical forests of Costa Rica and Laos as well as sky-diving.  Together we have trekked to the rim of the world’s second largest volcano and have swum with hammerhead sharks, regular sharks, and sea turtles.  I have climbed the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.  We also have done our share of white-water rafting, and European bicycle trips together.  Plus, Jordan loves kayaking and scuba diving.

We have built houses together in Romania for Habitat for Humanity.  We headed up a group of friends who worked with single mothers in Cairo, Egypt to improve their living conditions in the slums of that city, and we led a group that built an addition to a school in an impoverished village in Laos.  We have led volunteer vacations in Burma, India, Argentina, and recently returned from Colombia where we did much-needed improvements to three homes and a center for impoverished children.   In addition to these working vacations with Jordan, I have headed up work projects with my husband in nine other third-world countries.

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

We started on this journey to keep us connected.   We thought it would be fun to join Blogland and write about the things we love to do.  Publishing a blog gives me the chance to use my journalism degree, and it’s a great way to keep us connected to each other.

What is your favorite type of flooring and why?

We both prefer hardwood floors and have them in every room of our houses except the bathrooms.  Hardwood provides a great back drop for our love of rugs.  It makes it easier to change the look of a room just by changing up one of our rugs.  

Do you follow any other blogs for inspiration?  If so, which ones?

We both regularly read Young House Love, Emily A. Clark, Mix and Match Mama, Dixie Delights, and Stone Gable.  However, we both love to discover new blogs.

Can you explain a recent project or post you’ve been working on?

For the past year, Jordan has been changing the looks of her kitchen.  Together we painted the cabinets white which was a major improvement.  Then Jordan took a leap of faith and painted the back splash.  That was followed up by the construction of a new fan hood cover, the addition of new lights and an island.  The most recent project was adding spice racks from IKEA to the end of her cabinets.  This little hack provided three shelves of storage for her cookbooks.  All of the kitchen projects have been really popular with our readers and on other sites.  The fan hood cover was featured on House Beautiful.

The 2 SeasonsThe 2 SeasonsThe 2 SeasonsThe 2 Seasons